The right wing is in full freak out mode after Rep. Ted Lieu nails Candace Owens over Adolf Hitler comments during a hearing on white nationalism on Capitol Hill.

During the hearing, Rep. Lieu said, “I don’t know Ms. Owens. I’m not going to characterize her. I’m going to let her own words do the talking. So, I’m going to play for you the first 30 seconds of a statement she made about Adolf Hitler.”

Prager U, which hosts Owens show is trying to clean it up for her by saying she wasn’t legitimizing Hitler but was legitimizing nationalism. Ted Lieu “and every media outlet should be ashamed of themselves for mischaracterizing [Canadace Owens] as someone who legitimizes Adolf Hitler. Candace was legitimizing nationalism, not the atrocities inside and outside Germany,” Prager U tweeted.

Um, nope. This is like Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd size lie. People could see for themselves that he has less crowds than Barack Obama’s first inauguration. Owens was heard very clearly legitimizing the murderous authoritarian Adolf Hitler. In fact, the moment you start trying to seek out the virtues of Hitler, you’re wrong. You cannot pick out bits and pieces from Hitler’s legacy to embrace. He was a terrible human being, much like the current occupant of the White House.