House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump “must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video” featuring Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Pelosi says she has spoken with the Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Rep. Omar, her family and her staff, MSNBC reports.

“The President’s words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger.  President Trump must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video,” Pelosi said in a scathing statement.

Trump attacked Omar by posting an edited video of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that showed Americans being murdered and taking her words out of context.

Trump’s post, which remains pinned as the first item on his Twitter page, has sparked widespread condemnation. Bernice King, the daughter of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. slammed Trump’s attack as “reprehensible and dangerous.”

House Judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler said that Trump does not have the moral authority to talk about 9/11 because he stole $150,000 in disaster relief funds meant for small businesses at 40 Wall Street that were impacted by the terrorist attacks.