Twitter heaps scorn on Rep. Seth Moulton after he announces a 2020 presidential bid as he joins a crowded Democratic slate of candidates:  “Bye Felicia!”

Moulton announced his presidential bid in a Twitter post with a video: “I’m running for President to build a strong and safe country, create the jobs of the future, and elect leaders we can be proud of.”

Many Twitter users reminded Moulton that they haven’t forgotten his stunt to derail Nancy Pelosi’s speakership bid by enlisting Rep. Marcia Fudge (who was unqualified). That all fell apart as Pelosi stomped him and her detractors to easily win back the gavel. Fudge even bailed on him and made peace with Pelosi, who gave her a committee leadership position.

Moulton has low name ID, which means he will be unable to raise enough funds to stay in the race. Furthermore, many are angry at him for the stunt he pulled against Pelosi, and there are more qualified candidates in the race. This amounts to nothing more than a vanity project on his part.

Reaction on Twitter after Seth Moulton announces a 2020 presidential bid: