The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God says Sen. Elizabeth Warren claiming Native American ancestry is like “the original Rachel Dolezal” over her Native American ancestry claims.

Warren was pressed on her claim during a tense interview Friday morning on The Breakfast Club. She pushed back by citing a Boston Globe story saying she didn’t professionally benefit from identifying as a Native American.

Charlamagne says Warren “sounds a bit like the original Rachel Dolezal.”

Dolezal is the wannabe black white girl, who had many people fooled into thinking she was a sistah. The charade went on until her parents spoke out. She tried to pass as a black woman for professional reasons, plus, I believe she is mentally ill because who does that?

I’m not defending Elizabeth Warren, but there’s a big difference in being told by your parents you have Native American ancestry and trying to impersonate a black person every step of the way, from your hair to your job as NAACP chapter president. Charlamagne Tha God was wrong to draw such a comparison. He’s giving the right wingnuts talking points.

Of course, Twitter reacts to Charlamagne comparing Elizabeth Warren to Rachel Dolezal: