Twitter mocks Joe Scarborough for saying Donald Trump looks “younger and has more vigor” than many of the Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls. Of course, the Very Stable Genius thanked Scarborough for his kind words.

“Jim Vandehei, a couple weeks ago, when Donald Trump said, I’m young, I’ve got more vigor than them, well you know, you look at a clip like that, and he does. He just does,” Scarborough said on Morning Joe on Wednesday.

“Let’s just be blunt about Donald Trump. That guy can do on a campaign stage what nobody else can do: He can engage the audience. He can engage viewers, despite the hateful rhetoric, despite everything else. You can see that guy is gearing up for 2020 and yes, Democrats, he is going to be hard to beat, because he does look like he is about 20 years younger than a lot of Democratic candidates,” he continued.

Donald Trump is grossly obese, does not exercise, gorges on fast food, barely walks anywhere and can’t even run up the steps to Air Force One. The dude speaks as though he’s just learning the English language.

I guess Joe is back to helping Donald Trump again. That’s despite Trump calling him a murderer and slamming his co-worker turned wife, Mika Brzezinski, as crazy.

Of course, one who never lets praise go by, Trump responded to Scarborough: “Thank you Joe and remember, the BRAIN is much sharper also!”

Watch Joe Scarborough revert back to his early 2016 presidential campaign fawning all over Donald Trump:

Reaction on Twitter: