Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris dismantles AG Bill Barr when he filibustered on the questions during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary committee: “The flip-flop in this case is you not answering the questions.” She left him stuttering.

Harris nailed him on whether he read the underlying documents in the Mueller report. Barr said no. After questioning Barr, she told reporters that he should resign, echoing her colleague, Sen. Mazie Hirono’s remarks.

“If any USA when asked to make critical decision, would you accept them making a charging decision to you w/o referring to evidence. It was you who made the charging decision. You said it was your baby, what did you mean by that?” Harris continued.

“He made a decision without reviewing the evidence. This Attorney General lacks all credibility and has I think compromised the American public’s ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice,” Harris told reporters after she left the hearing.

“I think the American people have seen that you are biased, and that’s your conflict of interest,” Harris said.

Watch Sen. Kamala Harris brutally take down Bill Barr:

Imagine what Kamala Harris would do to Donald Trump on a debate stage? Twitter is reacting to Harris destroying Barr: