Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris hammers Bill Barr again over his disastrous performance at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing: “He has contributed to weakening our standing in the world.”

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Harris picked up where she left off yesterday when she dismantled Barr in eight minutes.

Harris hit Barr on not reading the underlying evidence in the Mueller report. “This is a guy that doesn’t take his job seriously.” “That 400-plus page report is a report, it’s not evidence.” He based his decision on whether or not Trump obstructed justice on a report,” Harris said.

“We have seen several displays from Barr that suggest to trust him to give us the truth in an unbiased way,” Harris continued. “The only person who is equipped and desires to give us justice in this whole matter is Bob Mueller.”

Harris addressed the conflict of interests:  “The president has an interest in obstructing justice. Bob Mueller has an interest in pursuing justice.”

“If we don’t have a neutral actor to the president of America someone else is going to have to act,” Harris warned about Barr’s inability to counter Trump.

Harris is calling on the office of inspector general to investigate what is going on at the Justice Department. “We have to make sure that those 14 cases (special counsel referrals) are pursued and not covered up by a biased attorney general,” Harris said.