Republican strategist Susan Del Percio disses Bill de Blasio moments after he formally jumped into the 2020 presidential race: “His height is the only way he can stand out.”

Del Percio slammed de Blasio’s video as nothing new while Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough lauded his bid, saying he has the same New York style as Donald Trump. I roll my eyes when Scarborough touts any candidate, considering that he gave Trump a platform early in the 2026 presidential campaign until they had a falling out.

De Blasio is now the 24th Democratic candidate to enter the race. This comes as a Quinnipiac poll found that 76 percent of New York residents said he should not run for president.

De Blasio says he is the only one who can take on bully Donald Trump and that he has beaten him before. New Yorkers are calling on him to clean up the garbage on the trains and in the city, among other issues.

The New York Post is ridiculing his presidential bid on its cover page with a group of people laughing.

Watch Bill de Blasio’s 2020 presidential campaign launch video: