Twitter slams Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for calling out identity politics while playing identity politics during the keynote speech at the Human Rights Campaign gala dinner in Las Vegas.

“When an auto worker, 12 years into their career, is no longer sure how to provide for their family, they’re not part of the country we think of ourselves as all living in together. That’s why we can’t seem to get on the same page,” Buttigieg said.

Such “divisive lines of thinking” have entered Democrats’ mindset, Buttigieg said, adding: “Like when we’re told we have to choose between supporting an auto worker and a trans woman of color, without stopping to think about the fact that sometimes the auto worker is a trans woman of color, and she definitely needs all the security she can get.” Source: NBC News

Buttigieg also asked his supporters during a campaign to help him diversify his mostly-white support base. Some Twitter users have summed up presidential aspirations after hearing the speech in one word:  CANCELLED.

This reminds me of the time when Tiffany Cross smacked down Noah Rothman when he tried and failed to speak on identity politics during an appearance on Morning Joe.

Reaction on Twitter: