Sen. Kamala Harris slams Donald Trump as “a national security threat” after he invites foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election to help him win reelection.

During an appearance on All In with Chris Hayes, Harris said: “He is then commander-in-chief and has a duty to defend our democracy but it is outrageous. The guy just doesn’t understand the job and can’t do it quite well.”

“This president is putting his interests ahead of this country. For self-interest this president is willing to compromise our democracy to win,” Harris said.

“He’s sending a signal to our adversaries to come on in” and interfere in the elections. She reiterated her call for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump told ABC News host George Stephanopoulos that he would accept damaging information on his opponents from a foreign country.

Trump threw FBI Director Chris Wray under a bus, saying he is wrong in saying that any campaign contacted by a foreign source with dirt needs to call the agency.

Sen. Kamala Harris:  “Let’s speak the truth: this president is a national security threat.”

Harris later tweeted: “China is listening.  Russia is listening.  North Korea is listening. Let’s speak the truth: this president is a national security threat.”

Sen. Harris said if she is elected president, she would press charges against Trump through the Justice Department. Sen. Harris previously raised  the possibility of criminal charges against Trump if she won the election during a recent townhall.

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