Asenior Biden adviser calls Kamala Harris a “slick and slippery person” after she hammered the former vice president during the second Democratic debate over his segregationist comment and his stance on busing.

Joe Biden is trying to reset his campaign after he his poll numbers fell after the exchange with Harris for comments he made at a fundraiser about working with segregationists senators.

Politico reports, the unnamed ally said, “We went out and tried to, best we can — especially with a slick and slippery person — try to pin Kamala Harris down on her own record.”

“Coming out of the debates, something the campaign felt strongly about is, we needed to be assertive on what his record was, both in terms of moving forward but to also demonstrate to the political world at large that we weren’t going to take that sort of thing without a response,” the Biden adviser continued.

During an interview on CNN, Biden told Chris Cuomo that he was not prepared for “the person coming at me” over his comments because she knew he and his late son, Beau Biden, very well. He was referring to Sen. Harris as “the person.”

So now, the black woman is slick and slippery? Race is always lurking in the background….every single time. Biden had to apologize for calling Barack Obama articulate during the 2008 presidential campaign. Come on, we don’t need this nonsense. Donald Trump is the enemy.

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