Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt calls the “Send Her Back” chants of the Deplorables at Donald Trump’s rally in Greenville, NC, as “electoral suicide.”

Several other conservatives are calling the chants ugly, but just 48 hours ago, Republicans sided with Trump over his racist tweets telling four non-white lawmakers to go back and fix the “crime infested places from which they came.” This is the result of giving a racist a pass — more oxygen.

Hewitt tweeted: “Send her back” is a nativist, terrible chant. Also electoral suicide. There’re more than 400,000 naturalized residents in PA, w/ 200,000 more in Michigan. @realdonaldTrump won PA by and MI by 11K, PA by 44K. #VoteHerOut –fine. #SendHerBack –nativist. Catholics, btw, remember.

Geraldo Rivera tweeted: “Dear @realDonaldTrump plz don’t continue down this road of intolerance & racial provocation. You’re supposed to be the glue that makes #EPluribusUnum possible. Out of many, one. Appeal to the best of us, not the worst. Plz.”

North Carolina lawmaker Mark Walker, who attended the rally, was ratioed on Twitter:  “Though it was brief, I struggled with the “send her back” chant tonight referencing Rep. Omar. Her history, words & actions reveal her great disdain for both America & Israel. That should be our focus and not phrasing that’s painful to our friends in the minority communities.”

Former congressman Joe Walsh tweeted:  “SEND HER BACK, SEND HER BACK,” is ugly. It’s ignorant. It’s dangerous. And it’s un-American. It’s flat out bigotry. And every Republican should condemn this bigotry immediately. Stop this now.”