Top House Democratic lawmaker Elijah¬†Cummings (MD) says “send her back” chants at Donald Trump’s rally in Greenville, NC, remind him of when he was beaten while trying to integrate a swimming pool over 50 years ago.

During an appearance on ABC News This Week, Cummings told host George Stephanopoulos, that he tried to integrate a swimming pool near his house when he was about 12 years old.

“I was beaten and all kinds of rocks and bottles thrown at me. “I heard the same kind of chants…go home, you don’t belong here and they called us the n-word over and over again.”

“I am not the only person of color who have had these kinds of experiences.” When Trump does these things, it brings up the same feelings I had over 50 years ago and it’s very painful.”

“Our Republican friends have to stand up…and say Mr. President, you’re absolutely wrong.” He went on to say that some of his constituents are telling him that they are “scared of their leader.”

Stephanopoulos asked if he thought Trump was racist. “No doubt about it,” Cummings replied. “I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but …. when I think about what he said to these young ladies who are merely trying to bring excellence to government….it takes me back.”