The Merriam-Webster dictionary says “racism, socialism, fascism, xenophobia and bigot” were the top searches after Donald Trump’s rally in Greenville, NC, on Wednesday night.

Trump continued his attacks on four non-white lawmakers after his racist tweets telling them to go back and “fix the crime-infested places from which they came.” Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are natural born Americans, while Ilhan Omar is naturalized after coming to America as a refugee from Somalia.

Merriam Webster tweeted:  “Tonight’s top searches, in order: racism, socialism, fascism, concentration camp, xenophobia, bigot.”

Trump ginned up his mob of Deplorables to chant “Send Her Back”  and some Republicans are squirming yet just 48 hours ago, they were siding with his racist attacks on Twitter.