Former first lady Michelle Obama refuses to weigh in on the Biden-Harris spat during an interview with Gayle King at Essence Fest:  “I’ve been doing this rodeo for far too long.”

King asked Mrs. Obama if she had any thoughts on the squabble that started after Joe Biden reminisced that he worked with segregationist senators in the 1970s to get things done in Congress. “I do not — I’ve been doing this rodeo far too long,” Obama replied.

Kamala Harris hammered Biden during the second Democratic debate over the hurtfulness of his comments and his position on busing. Biden finally apologized on Saturday for the “pain or misconception” his segregationist remarks caused. It’s not clear if this will end the Biden-Harris spat.

King later tried to get Obama to weigh in on the 2020 Democratic candidates. She reiterated that she and former President Barack Obama are staying out of the primaries but will support the nominee.