The panel on Morning Joe went hard on Donald Trump, with Donny Deutsch saying he has “Nazi tendencies” and they’re engaging in an “ethnic cleansing politically.”

Deutsch said: “This is a man with Nazi tendencies” and “white people can no longer hide behind the economy.” “They own this,” he added.

Donald Trump is “a man with Nazi tendencies” and “white people can’t hide behind the economy.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough says Trump and the Republican Party are engaging in an ethnic cleansing of people of color who don’t agree with their side.

Trump launched a racist attack on four non-white lawmakers on Sunday in a series of tweets, telling them to “go back and fix the crime-infested places from which they came.” Republicans gave him more oxygen after 187 voted against a House resolution to condemn his attack. That blew up in their faces at his rally in Greenville,  NC, on Wednesday when thousands of his Deplorables chanted “send her back” when he viciously attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“I must say the chant at the rally, sounded like one at a rally in Germany in the 1930s,” Scarborough said.

“We are now talking about an ethnic cleansing politically of people who don’t agree with our side,” Scarborough said.

“The argument that is coming from Donald Trump, and more frighteningly is that this is a white nation, who are these black women, who are these Muslims to tell us how to run our country?”

“I’ll tell you who they are. These are immigrants like Albert Einstein, who came during the middle of World War II and helped us win,” Scarborough said.

“How many immigrants do we have in Silicon Valley that have created this new world for us and have given us a competitive advantage all over the world in the age of technology. Almost every major companies are run by immigrants,” Scarborough said.

Yet you have Donald Trump, Republicans and conservatives saying that non-white voters being critical is wrong.

Mika Brzezinski added that the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers on the border is equally disgraceful.