Twitter hammers ‘Putin’s other puppet’ #MoscowMitch McConnell as aiding #CriminalTrump in the 2020 elections by ignoring warnings that Russia is still undermining our elections.

Sen. MItch McConnell blocked two election security bills in the Senate despite his own Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Sen. Richard Burr warning that the Russians are actively undermining our elections.

McConnell’s actions come one day after former special counsel Robert Mueller also testified that Russia was still interfering in our elections. He claims it is all Democratic conspiracy theories. It is not but we know, the only way Republicans win is by cheating and suppressing black votes.

Morning Joe guest Donny Deutsch called on Democrats to call Donald Trump #CriminalTrump because he has been named an unindicted co-conspirator twice and could be charged with crimes when he leaves office. Deutsch said Democrats can’t come to a bazooka fight with a knife.

Reaction on Twitter: