Sen. Kamala Harris hammers Ken Cuccinelli and Steve King during an appearance on CNN’s Situation Room, “What is wrong with these people? These guys are just out of their minds.”

“You have one saying that the Statue of Liberty only applies to people from Europe and you got another one saying rape and incest is okay,” Harris said between laughs. “What is going on with these people. They do not understand the importance and responsibility of their jobs,” Harris said.

Wolf Blitzer asked Harris is she thought the “rape apologist” should resign. She responded, “which he?”

Steve King sparked outrage after asking whether humanity would exist without “rapes and pillages.” “If not for rape and incest, ‘would there be any population left?” King asked.

Cuccinelli gave up the game on the Trump administration’s quest for a white America, when he claimed the Statue of Liberty poem was talking about “people coming from Europe.” It was not.