Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski blames former President Barack Obama for Donald Trump saying he didn’t have experience and governed by executive order.

In other words, Brezinski took an unfair shot on the nation’s first black president while propping up her preferred candidate Joe Biden (who was Obama’s VP).

Brzezinski got on her high horse on Wednesday: “I loved Barack Obama. He symbolized a lot of things that we needed for this country. But did he really have experience and did he really govern or just pass executive orders or do a lot of things in a way that led to the way things are happening today.”

Here’s the pitch for Joe Biden, he knows world leaders, he knows what our place on the world stage should be. All these arguments about his age could be turned around in a second. Don’t you finally want someone who has experience?” Brzezinski asked.

She said nobody in the current Democratic field has the experience Joe Biden does. I guess Barack Obama led the racist birther movement against himself and pledged to be a one-term president, as well as obstructed his policies along the way. Give me a break.

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