Frequent Morning Joe guest Noah Rothman gets dragged on Twitter after trying to draw comparisons between Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris with Donald Trump’s “racial agitation.”

On Friday, he took offense to Warren and Harris calling Michael Brown’s police-involved death a “murder” in Ferguson, Missouri.

Let me backtrack…..

During a discussion about conservative journalist Tom Nichols’ op-ed in USA Today, in which he wrote he would vote for any Democratic nominee over Trump, Rothman immediately drew a false equivalency between Warren, Harris and Trump. He claimed that a Warren presidency would be like going from the frying pan into the fire and this is why the Republican Party is doomed.

Nichols said Joe Biden, Warren and Harris “are not dangerous” in the same way as Trump. “I agree, but verging on rank racial agitation is precisely the biggest problem I have with this president,” Rothman said.

A shocked Joe Scarborough help up his hands and responded, “I mean, I’m sorry. The false equivalency there is breathtaking.”

Well, let’s just say he’s getting mercilessly dragged, with many calling for MSNBC to drop him from their network. This isn’t the first time he’s been called out. Tiffany Cross dismantled him when he tried to talk about white victimhood and social grievance.

Reaction on Twitter, including my own: