Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hammers VP Mike Pence for staying at Donald Trump’s property in Ireland in a blistering series of tweets: “It’s always about the con.”

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: “Virtually every policy Trump pursues works to steal public money & personally enrich himself & his friends.”

“Gutting National Monuments pays ➡️ Fossil Fuel CEOs; Border concentration camps pay ➡️ Private Prison CEOs; Betsy DeVos pays ➡️ loan sharks. It’s always about the con.”

AOC continued in a second tweet: “Since corruption isn’t popular policy, racism works as the cover for the con. That’s why addressing racism isn’t a “distraction” – it’s key to understanding the hustle against working people.”

“Culturally, racism is used as the unspoken cudgel against pro-working class policy.”

More from AOC:

Pence’s spokesman Marc Short told reporters on Air Force Two that it was Trump’s suggestion that he stay at his property in Ireland, which is nearly four hours from where his meetings will be held. He also said Pence and his family had ties to Doonbeg.