Donald Trump would rather show a doctored map of Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama than admit he was wrong. He claimed he did not know who used the Sharpie to extend the cone of uncertainty into Alabama. By the way, this dumbass uses a Sharpie for everything.

Last weekend Trump tweeted that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian, along with Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina. The Birmingham office of the National Weather Service issued a correction of Trump’s claim. There was never any talk that Alabama was in the cone of uncertainty when it became a lot clearer the possible path of the hurricane.

Some journalists think Trump violated federal law by altering a weather service chart. Dennis Mersereau tweeted:  “It is a violation of federal law to falsify a National Weather Service forecast and pass it off as official, as President Trump did here.”

Only a sick person would do what Trump did today. Instead of saying I made a mistake, he made himself look like an even bigger fool.