Anew poll from Essence finds that a majority of black women are still on the fence about the 2020 presidential candidates. The poll finds that 26 percent would rather not say or haven’t made up their minds about who to support.

Essence PollJoe Biden comes in second with 25% followed by Kamala Harris in a distant third at 15% followed by Elizabeth Warren at 12% and Bernie Sanders rounding out the top five at 10%. It’s worth noting that Pete Buttigieg is missing from this poll.

A majority of black women ages 18-34 are also still on fence or would rather not say who they support by 26% with 18% supporting Bernie Sanders, followed by Kamala Harris.

I haven’t made up my mind, but I am leaning towards Joe Biden for now , but that’s not set in stone. I could very well support Elizabeth Warren but never willingly support Bernie Sanders.

What’s making waves is the finding that one percent support Donald Trump. Some of the responses are hilarious.