The Odessa mass shooter has been identified as Seth Ator, 36, who killed seven and wounded 22. Three of the 22 wounded were law enforcement officers. The mail carrier, is a woman, who was also killed.

Law enforcement says Ator used an assault rifle during the shooting that started during a traffic stop on an Odessa freeway. He was gunned down by police officers at the Cinergy theater. It is not clear how he obtained the gun.

Police say there is “no definite motive known” for the shooting rampage, though the FBI said that a preliminary investigation determined that it was not connected to domestic or international terrorism.

Seth Ator has a previous arrest for trespassing and resisting arrest. He was also charged with evading arrest but the case was marked “deferred adjudication.”

The deceased in the Odessa mass shooting range from 15 to 57 years old. Ator hijacked a United States mail truck after he abandoned his vehicle. He fatally shot the mail carrier, who has been identified as Mary Granados.

The youngest victim is a 17-month-old girl, who was shot in the face.