450,000 Nevada residents to see SNAP benefits cut


RENO, Nevada (KOLO). Nevada’s SNAP, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, helps low-income Nevada residents buy groceries. During the pandemic, the program gave recipients a second monthly payment.

Now, three years later, these surcharges will end.

Many recipients, such as Thomas Browne, will receive a large share. His monthly allowance increased from $20 to over $250 with the addition of pandemic dollars.

“From $20 to $270 is a big change,” Brown said.

This allowed Brown to shop at the grocery store rather than the food bank. But next month it all ends.

“I knew it would end, but for people who have families who really need money, especially now, it’s devastating,” he said.

Brown says he’s worried about families now facing skyrocketing prices at the grocery store.

“What prices, it’s incredible. How families are surviving now, I have no idea,” Brown said.

He is preparing for change by registering with a food bank.

“I went back there and reapplied to let them know I’m going back because that SNAP program is being cancelled.”

Brown encourages others to do the same and take advantage of what local organizations in the city have to offer.

“You can get a box of food, fresh and great food,” Brown said. “Go to these places and get whatever you can to cover what you’re about to lose.”

Learn more about Catholic charities and Food Bank of Northern Nevada here.

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