5 takeaways from Georgia’s TCU defeat

Georgia dominated TCU in the national championship on Monday, winning the game 65-7. The Bulldogs are two-time champions.

Here are five conclusions of the competition.

The Horned Frogs Deserve a Championship Claim, But Didn’t Succeed

In the national championship game, the Horned Frogs fell short as they struggled to get anything done against the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia is the undisputed best college football team, and many teams would be in the same position as TCU, but a poor game showed just how dominant the Bulldogs are.

Head coach Sonny Dykes said the game was “tough”.

“I think that anyone who has seen [the game] I could see that we were definitely not playing at our full potential,” Dykes said. “You have to give credit to Georgia. They did a great job getting their team ready for the game.”

The Frogs defeated the Michigan Wolverines, the top football program, and placed themselves in that position. They deserved a meeting with Georgia, but they failed to match the situation, looking insecure from the very beginning.

The Frogs wrote a lifeless final chapter of the season with countless victories showing impressive tenacity.

“Look, you hate your players and the fans who made it all the way to LA,” Dykes said. “They really invested in our program. I know the flights were expensive. I know the tickets were expensive. I know all of this was hard to do and our fans answered the call every time we asked them to do something, they did it. And we are all very grateful. We are disappointed for them. We feel like we let them down with our performance today.”

The defense fails

In the national championship, the defense of the Horned Frogs could not keep up with the offense of the Bulldogs. Well thought out plays and great execution kept TCU from playing a hitting game.

“We kept beating ourselves up,” linebacker and team captain Dee Winters said. “[We] just thinking too much, trying to run too fast towards the ball and stuff like that.”

At the Fiesta Bowl, the Horned Frogs made Michigan QB JJ McCarthy feel uncomfortable with a 3-3-5 formation. Stetson Bennett, on the other hand, appeared calm and collected, leading Bulldog’s charge with little resistance.

Bennett passed for 304 yards on 18-25 passes and rushed for 39 yards on three tries. He tied Joe Burrow’s record for six touchdowns in the CFP National Championship.

The ground game in Georgia also flourished, averaging 5.8 yards per carry. The bulldogs dominated the line of scrimmage, creating gaps in the frogs’ defenses.

Duggan’s last ride

TCU QB Max Duggan in the national championship had his last game as a Horned Frog, throwing for 152 yards on a 14-22 passing. Frog QB had an outstanding career at TCU, but it will end on a sad note.

Duggan, facing pressure from the Bulldog’s defensive line, missed several times, causing the Frog’s attack to miss the red zone. He also threw two interceptions, which gave the Georgia offense an easy goal-scoring opportunity.

He was surpassed by Bennett in every way, shape and form. Duggan said it was “one of those nights” where a foul couldn’t lead to success and took credit for the performance.

“We shot ourselves in the foot,” Duggan said. “I made bad decisions. I didn’t play well and didn’t let us score and move the ball.”

Duggan, reflecting on the season, said wins and losses won’t be what he remembers the most.

“We will remember the men in the locker room that we grew up with,” Duggan said. “…When things were tough and things got harder, you saw the kind of people we had in the locker room who kept fighting, trust me.”

Duggan’s exploits throughout the season will be remembered even as the Frogs lost the national championship. QB ended the year one touchdown short of equaling Trevoné Boykin’s 2015 record of 42 points.

Johnston can’t start

In the national championship, the Duggan and the Frog offense failed to get Quentin Johnston to play football. He finished the game with one reception and 3 yards.

The star wide receiver, Duggan’s favorite deep threat, has averaged 18.07 yards per reception this season. In the national championship, he was unimportant.

A bright future awaits

Undoubtedly, the Horned Frogs were embarrassed in the national championship by a clearly superior team. Georgia outperforms any team in college football. There is a reason why they are champions in a row.

The Frogs’ run brought them to national attention. Despite the final game turning into a garbage can fire, the Frogs still claimed to be the best college football team.

Why are the Bulldogs so successful? Since 2017, they have had the top five recruiting classes every season. By making a national championship, the Frogs opened the door to opportunities to improve their program.

Duggan is confident that the Horned Frogs will once again reach the grand stage of the national championship.

“If we ever find ourselves in this situation, I know that we can get out of it and have some success,” Duggan said. “And I’m pretty sure of it.”

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