5 things to remember about Austin’s weird weather in 2022

The weather in Austin in 2022 was colder than the inside of your fridge, drier than dad jokes, and hotter than Taylor Swift tickets on various days. Here are five things to keep in mind:

1. 2022 was one of the warmest years in Austin.

The average annual temperature at Austin’s main weather station at Camp Mabry was 71.1 degrees, making 2022 the city’s seventh warmest year on record and just 1 degree below the all-time record set in 2017.

The most notable symptoms of this year’s heat wave were 68 days of triple-digit temperatures recorded at Austin’s main weather station at Camp Mabry. According to the National Weather Service, 2022 was the third most 100-degree days compared to 2009. 2011 holds the record with 90 days, followed by 1925 with 69 days.

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