7-year-old Louisiana girl dies from injuries after being attacked by dog

A 20-year-old dog owner has been charged with negligent homicide.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A 7-year-old girl from Baton Rouge died after being brutally attacked by a pit bull terrier that authorities say was not contained.

The dog’s owner, 20-year-old Eric Lopez, has been charged with negligent homicide.

On January 6, a dog wandered into the yard where Sadie Davila was playing, according to CNN. According to a CNN report, the dog brutally attacked the little girl and continued to torment her despite the relative trying to stop the attack by hitting the dog with a cane.

Sadie was taken to the hospital, where staff said she suffered multiple bites to her face and severe skull fractures, leading to her death, CNN reports.

Those who knew Sadie said that she was a bright soul who had a really big heart.

“She has been a light in all of our lives,” Haley Anselmo, Sadie’s mom, told CNN. “She was more concerned with the needs of others than her own. She had a great imagination and so much courage. She wanted everyone to be happy.”

“From the day her grandmother came to check her in, she just had a light that couldn’t be contained,” said Vanessa Bloss, principal at Woodlawn Elementary School, where Sadie went to school.

Woodlawn staff and educators honor Sadie by telling stories about how special she was.

“She did so much in her short 7 years and instead of thinking about the things she didn’t do, I think about who she was,” said Gracie Fegucht, Sadie’s teacher. “I know that going to school on Monday there are some things in my perspective that will be shifted in such a way that I will be reminded of how I want to treat people, my students and other teachers, my friends and family from -for things. what Sadie taught me.”

The pit bull that attacked Sadie is in the possession of the authorities. Arrest documents obtained by WAFB showed that the dog lived nearby and that there was no fence or other barrier keeping the dog from the owner’s home.

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