A Fort Worth fire police officer, they said, used excessive force during an off-duty arrest.

On Friday, Fort Worth police fired an officer they say used excessive force during an arrest last summer.

According to the department, José Salazar was placed on restricted duty following the July 22 incident. It is not known if he had a lawyer.

According to police, Salazar was moonlighting as a security guard at a Fort Worth bar when a man outside got into an argument with employees. After the man began to walk away, “posing no threat to Officer Salazar or the public,” Salazar threw him to the ground and forcibly arrested him, the department said.

According to police, surveillance footage of the incident contradicts the officer’s version of events.

Police officials determined that Salazar had used more force than necessary and did not report the incident truthfully, and Chief Neil Noakes made the decision to fire him.

The department said in a written statement that Salazar “did not conduct himself in a manner that reflects the professionalism of our officers” and that he will continue to hold his employees accountable.

The police did not identify the man Salazar arrested and did not disclose the status of the charge or charges against him.

Salazar worked in the department for 15 years and was last assigned to the dignitary guard unit.

Fort Worth police have fired several officers in recent months, including three in December in unrelated cases involving burglary, domestic violence, and misuse of the city’s computer; and three in November in unrelated cases involving lying about a non-work job, domestic violence, and aggravated assault. Two others were fired in October for drunkenness at work and an arrest for domestic violence.

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