A man is arrested on charges of selling cocaine laced with fentanyl to men who overdosed in Galveston over Christmas.

Patrick Miller was arrested and charged after investigators found he sold cocaine laced with fentanyl to two men who died of an overdose.

GALVESTON, Texas. The man was arrested and charged after Galveston police said he sold fentanyl-laced cocaine to two men who died of an overdose on Christmas Day.

The victims were found dead several miles apart on Seawall Boulevard and police said they both received drugs from the same person at the same party.

Patrick Miller was identified as the dealer and charged with two counts of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance. His cumulative bail is $200,000 and additional charges are expected, investigators said.

What happened

Around 7:20 p.m. on Christmas Day, police said they had responded to support calls for an overdose along the Seawall near 83rd Street.

It was there that rescuers found Vadim Birka unconscious. Life-saving measures were taken and Birka was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead from a suspected overdose.

Birka, 31, lived in Galveston and had a work visa, according to Galveston police.

Investigators said a bag of cocaine was found on him at the time of his death.

About 20 minutes later, officers responded to reports of another unconscious person at the Rainforest Cafe along the Seawall near 53rd Street – about 2 miles from where Birka was found.

There they found Dmitry Gudovsky, who also received vital assistance and was taken to the district hospital. He died from what doctors called a suspected overdose.

Gudowski, 34, was also living in Galveston on a work visa, authorities said.

Investigators also said that a bag of cocaine was found on him at the time of his death. The bag was similar to the one found on Birka.


The drug packets found on the victims were tested and tested positive for fentanyl.

“Right now you have counterfeit pills that look like OxyContin, look like Xanax, and you can take something that you think will only give you a high for 30 minutes or one hour, but can actually put you to sleep.” for the rest of your life because the drug cartel doesn’t care,” said Daniel Como, a DEA field agent in Houston.

Investigators said they were able to establish that both Birka and Gudowski were at the same Christmas party along the Seawall near 83rd Street, and both victims bought drugs from Miller.

Galveston police and the DEA said they had joined forces to trace the drugs and arrest Miller.

Here is the update provided by Galveston Police and the DEA following Miller’s arrest:

More victims?

Investigators say there could have been more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Galveston Police Department non-emergency line at 409-765-3702 or the Galveston County Crime Unit at 409-763-8477. You can also provide information at galveston.crimestoppersweb.com.

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