A. Paxton to chair Senate State Affairs Committee

Austin. On Monday, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced the appointment of Senate committees, handing over the Republican chairmanship of all but one of the committees.

The Senate will have 15 committees during the 88th legislative session with two special committees.

This session will have an education committee with a sub-committee on higher education, rather than two separate committees as was the case in 2021.

When higher education moved to the subcommittee, it was replaced by the border security committee.

There is also a special redistricting committee that will consider the matter later this week. However, experts say that this will be more of a procedural measure than will lead to any changes in the maps of the state’s districts.

“This is the strongest and best-equipped group of senators in Texas history. They are proven leaders with the knowledge and experience needed to keep Texas moving in the right direction. This includes the most outstanding freshman class we have ever had,” Patrick said in a statement. “As the Texas Senate begins its work in this session, the committee’s orders that I made today will ensure we succeed in addressing the priorities of the people of Texas.”

State Senator Angela Paxton, R-McKinney, representing Hunt County, was named Vice Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee. Paxton has also been named to the following committees: education, finance, local government, and nominations.

Bob Hall, R-Edgwood, was named chairman of the Senate Administrative Committee.

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