A possible explosive device was found by police after the accident in Lacey Lakeview.

Lacey Lakeview, TexasKWTX) — The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office has seized a possible explosive device found Tuesday afternoon in Lacey Lakeview.

The officers were called out in connection with a car accident on January 24 in the 1100 E block. Crest Dr.

While working on the crash, officers said they found a small object resembling a possible explosive device.

“For safety reasons, Lacey Lakeview Police closed the roadway and contacted the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office regarding the object, who soon arrived on the scene and took possession of the object,” the police said in a Facebook post.

After being removed, the vehicle involved in the original accident was towed away from the scene and the roadway reopened to normal traffic.

Police did not clarify whether the device seized by the sheriff’s office was actually an explosive device.

At the moment there is no additional information.

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