A rare animal caught in San Antonio after being found clinging to a house porch, according to ACS.

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio resident found a rare furry creature clinging to his front porch.

Calling animal care for help Friday morning, he learned the animal was actually illegal possession within the city limits and South Texas.

The creature has been identified as a coati, a wild, non-native species commonly found in Central and South America, according to ACS. It was found in the South Side area, west of Miller Pond.

The officers struggled to catch the creature, but after a short practice and running around, the coati managed to contain it safely.

“Coati are diurnal animals in the same family as raccoons…and like any other wild animal, they are definitely not pets,” the ACS said in a statement.

The owner of the coati lived on the same street where he was discovered.

The ACS said it consulted with state rangers before the coati was transferred to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc., which is one of three Texas organizations that can legally care for the animals.

According to the ACS, residents caught with coatis face confiscation of the animal and a hefty fine of up to $2,000.

“Please let wild animals stay wild,” the shelter said.

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