A Somerset woman posts photos of a monster egg laid by her chick and the comments are golden.

SAN ANTONIO “Now that egg prices are skyrocketing, egg-laying chicks are a hot commodity.

And one woman from Somerset has extra bragging rights after one of her hens laid a huge egg.

“Look what my chicken did this morning! I think it’s a double yolk. Bidding starts at $5 for a dinosaur egg,” Michele Villanueva wrote on the community Facebook page.

Michelle Villanueva posted photos of a giant egg that her hen laid. (KSAT)

“I’ll trade an 89 Honda for it,” one commenter jokingly replied.

While Villanueva joked about selling the egg, her post received dozens of comments, including from others whose hens also laid giant eggs.

“I remember one of my chickens laying down such a hefty chicken. She literally screamed for 10 minutes! The husband blew and covered the shell. I still have it!” one commenter posted along with a photo of her eggshell.

The commenter said that the giant egg her hen laid had two yolks.

Casey Wegner said the giant egg from her hen wasn’t just a double yolk, it was actually a double egg.

“The outer shell was thin, but inside was the yolk and another whole egg,” Wegner wrote.

Some commentators expressed sympathy for the chicken.

“Oh,” wrote several people.

“Was an episiotomy necessary to deliver this egg?” another asked.

After several commenters urged Villanueva to let the hatched egg, she decided that was exactly what she was going to do.

“You know, I think I will carry him,” Villanueva said. “Fingers crossed, I’m getting a velociraptor.”

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