A string of burglaries target points shops; owners demand action

SAN ANTONIO Samyn Pezeszk is the latest victim of a series of burglaries targeting boutiques and eyewear stores.

The video shows the disguised man rushing in with a large rock and exiting the store with a bucket full of designer glasses in less than three minutes.

“Definitely a pro, he had a huge basket with him and he went around the store grabbing everything he knew was high-end luxury,” she said.

Just a few miles away, Mission Vision’s Jackson Robinson describes a nearly identical burglary the day before.

“Brings a black bucket and starts scooping shots into this black bucket in a white sweatshirt with a mask, gloves. It’s immediately clear that this is not his first rodeo,” Robinson said.

He said that for a small business like his, it’s a punch in the gut when it happens over and over again. For him, it was the second break-in. Another incident occurred in 2022.

“I know it doesn’t get better. It looks like it’s just increasing and becoming more common,” Robinson said, and many small business owners like him are considering whether to keep going.

Dr. Bobby Wood of Wood Vision Source said he was attacked by thieves five times in 2022, but only three times in the store. In one case, the suspect walked out with two suitcases full of belongings. Wood has taken security measures, but is angry that more is not being done to deter criminals.

“It is disappointing that we have high business expenses and insurance premiums are rising. Plus disruption of what is happening to our business. And we just don’t seem to be getting much help from the DA’s office to stop it,” Wood said.

After the first break-in, the police arrested and charged Randy Herrera. His arrest records show that he was a suspect in several other eyewear store break-ins. Court records show he is on bail pending arraignment. Records show half a dozen such accusations.

Business owners are warning other stores to be vigilant and take precautions to protect your property.

“Be vigilant, ensure maximum security with protective films if you can afford guard gates and the like. All your inventory that you can lock up every night,” Wood said.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies still looking for theft suspect $30,000 worth of designer glasses from the company in September 2022.

Anyone with information is asked to call law enforcement.

Store owners are asking customers not to buy items they suspect have been stolen from online marketplaces or flea markets.

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