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A valuable winning lottery ticket can be in your coat pocket

DES MOINS, Iowa (AP) — Thinking of lining up at a convenience store to try and win the $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot?

Perhaps you should first rummage through your coat pockets or car glove compartment to make sure you don’t already have a winning ticket from a previous draw.

As players buy Mega Millions tickets ahead of Friday’s draw, lotteries across the country say players are missing out on millions of dollars in prizes every year that they either don’t realize they’ve won or refuse to cash out, believing that’s not the problem. t is worth a small return. People almost always come for the biggest prizes, but millions of dollars of payouts have been waiting for months to claim them in Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Washington states.

And more than two months after someone in California won a record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball ticket, no winner has been named, although that person still has until November to announce a win.

“Millions of dollars of California Lottery prize money goes unclaimed every year — I don’t think many people realize this,” said Carolyn Becker, associate director of the California Lottery. “I suspect most of these prizes are for people who never knew they won. Maybe they forgot to check their ticket or lost it and never saw the result of the draw.”

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