A year later, the hostages in the Texas synagogue cope, continue

CALLYVILLE, Texas (AP) — A year ago, Jeff Cohen and three others survived a hostage standoff at their Reform Jewish synagogue in this Fort Worth suburb.

However, their trauma did not disappear after the FBI killed the kidnapper armed with a gun, 44-year-old British citizen Malik Faisal Akram.

Healing from the ordeal of January 15, 2022 remains an ongoing process.

“Let’s be honest: we are healing. We are not healed,” said Cohen, 58, a Lockheed Martin engineer who is president of Beth Israel, a 140-family congregation.

The 10-hour standoff ended around 9 p.m. that Saturday when the remaining hostages, including Cohen, fled and the FBI task force shot and killed Akram.

The violence left the synagogue with broken doors and windows, shards of glass and bullet holes. Repairs were made within three months and the congregation returned. But a year later, the deep wounds are still festering.

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