Abandoned dog rescue delayed by Balcones Heights legal red tape

The three dogs were left alone in the Balcones Heights apartment for several days with no sign of their owner, according to police.

“It was just out of character to see them upset for many days in a row,” the neighbor said.

She did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, but shared her video of three dogs believed to have been abandoned at the Coral Gables apartment in Balcones Heights.

“Every minute passes – these animals are scared. They are alone. They are in the dark. You know they need help. They need care,” the neighbor said.

According to her, the animals were alone in the apartment for a week.

The woman sent a message to management and received a response saying, “We can’t do anything with abandoned dongs or enter his unit without permission.”

Lindsay Haynes is the president of property management at Metric Property Management, which is responsible for apartments.

“We have some very specific restrictions on how we can remove pets. Our lease says we have to give 24 hours notice,” Hanes said.

Haines said the situation was brought to her attention on Sunday, Jan. 8, and to her knowledge, it has been less time since the dogs were left alone.

Despite this, Haines’ property manager called animal control and the police.

“The Police Department and Animal Control still insisted that they could not intervene until an eviction and possession order was issued, which we know takes weeks or months,” Haynes said.

Haynes said it wasn’t until there was a buzz on social media that Balcones Heights officials stepped in and the dogs were removed.

Lorenzo Nastazi, public relations director for the city of Balcones Heights, says it’s not as easy as just saving the dogs.

“It’s a very complex process because you have a notification process and things like that. This is complicated by the fact that this is private property,” Nastasi said.

He said the dogs were safe and looked healthy. The city is currently deciding what to do next.

“By following the various processes and legalities that must be followed in any situation regarding property, because animals, dogs, are property,” Nastasi said.

No allegations of animal cruelty have been made against the dog owner. This will not happen until an investigation is carried out.

Haynes said they would send the apartment’s tenant either a formal eviction notice or an abandoned property notice.

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