Abilene ISD school bus, students reportedly fired upon with an air rifle

One child was hurt

On Monday, Jan. 23, a minor shot at a school bus as the children were getting off, officials said, leaving one slightly injured.

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According to the Abilene Police Department, on Monday, Jan. 23, a school bus from the Abilene Independent School District was fired upon with an air gun as the children were exiting. The school bus was carrying about 25 children home from school, the Abilene Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Police were called to the scene just after 4:00 pm after Abilene ISD called to say that one of their bus drivers, who was taking the children home from school on their regular route, was reportedly hit by some kind of projectile.

Officials believe the bus was hit by a bullet or an air gun. The BB or bullet reportedly damaged a window on the bus but missed the bus.

Children on the bus told the driver that at least one student had hit the glass and was injured, police said, but suffered only minor injuries. The driver stopped at a regular bus stop and the children were dropped off and reunited with their families.

No one on the bus needed to be transported to the hospital after being examined by first responders and public health officials.

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