About Us

The Hinterland Gazette was founded on December 3, 2007, by Janet Shan as a source for thought- provoking social and political commentary on issues affecting the African American community and beyond. The weblog also offers a centrist’s analysis of events, issues and people in the news, particularly those stories ignored by the mainstream media outlets. The Hinterland Gazette, formerly named Black Political Thought, has grown into a respected source for news, commentary and views. The Hinterland Gazette had nearly two million visitors in less than two years. The site has a wide readership base spanning political junkies, fellow journalists, fellow bloggers, political pundits, authors, legislators, political strategists and just about everyone else in between. The Hinterland Gazette is on Technorati’s top 100 political blogs.

The Hinterland Gazette is now charting a new course in public policy and we want to effect change in the justice system, specifically abolishing the death penalty in this country, as well as being domestic violence victim advocates. Watch for our new initiatives as we unroll them in the coming months. Remember, you have the power to change the world!

  • The Hinterland Gazette seeks to offer thoughtful and insightful discussions on issues, events, and personalities in the news. We interview men and women making a difference in the black community and beyond.
  • The Hinterland Gazette offers its diverse readership breaking news, opinion, editorial cartoons, videos and news articles, both domestic and global.
  • The Hinterland Gazette is not affiliated with any political party and will not endorse any candidates, though we will indicate a preference for a candidate.
  • The Hinterland Gazette offers its readers a wide variety of news and blog links from a wide variety of perspectives. We will link and quote other sources in an effort to get the news out to our readers. We often quote other writers by linking to their websites.
  • We will strive to verify all sources in articles we cover, though when we have breaking news, in an effort to get the news to you quickly, we may not verify said sources until later.
  • The Hinterland Gazette wants to strengthen and nurture the experience of people of African descent through interviews with extraordinary people of color,encouragement for those in the inner cities across the United States to take back their communities from those who are bent on wreaking havoc. Our goal is to empower the black community to reach for the stars and fulfill our dreams.
  • Comments under posts are not censored if they are contrary to the position being espoused by the writer, however, profanity, racist comments and insults will not be tolerated. We will delete any comment that is deemed as a bitter personal attack against the writer or commenters on this site.
  • The Hinterland Gazette is not just a political site. We cover breaking news, news affecting the black community, religious news and commentary, popular culture, reviews, interviews and news that flies under the mainstream media outlets’ radar. The subject matter will be diverse as that of a daily newspaper or news magazine.

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Have a news tip or want to write for us? Contact us at janetshan at interlandgazette dot com.