According to the documents, the man is accused of stabbing a roommate because of a whining puppy.

Derrion Mitchell, 19, had only lived in the house for three or four weeks before the attack took place.

HOUSTON. Court documents have revealed new details about the case of a woman who was found stabbed to death in a backyard in southeast Houston on New Year’s Eve.

Derrion Mitchell, 19, is charged with the murder of Adrienne Russell after she was found lying on the ground with multiple stab wounds in her backyard on Flushing Meadows Drive.

Court documents show that Michael Bailey, who was roommates with Mitchell and Russell, left the house to ride his bike. He told police he had been out for about 30 minutes when he returned and found Russell dead. Bailey then confessed to the police that he did not tell them the whole truth out of fear that Mitchell would retaliate.

Bailey told investigators that Mitchell only lived with them for about three or four weeks. He also told them that Mitchell and Russell seemed to hit it off.

The documents say that just after Christmas, Mitchell had a small brown puppy, which he kept locked in his room. The puppy constantly whined, which Russell complained about because she loved pets.

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While Bailey was playing the video game Skyrim, he heard Russell screaming in the living room. He went out to see Mitchell hitting her and tried to stop it. Bailey said the fight started over a puppy he brought into the house and left there.

When Bailey tried to stop Mitchell by saying, “You don’t want to kill anyone,” Mitchell replied, “Mike, I do this every day.” Mitchell also threatened Bailey, saying that if he knocks, then, according to the documents, he will come for him next time.

Bailey told police that was when Mitchell went out into the backyard to stab Russell before he left the house with his dog and knife in hand.

Mitchell is charged with murder and is on $1 million bail.

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