According to the owner, the thieves stole nearly $30,000 worth of copper from the Houston business.

Aaron Herman said this is the second time his business has been the target of attacks in just six months.

HOUSTON. A local business owner said that in southeast Houston, cameras caught thieves stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of copper and cutting off power for days.

Aaron German, owner of a local state farm, said his business was targeted for the second time in just six months.

He hopes someone can identify the thieves and help the police make an arrest.

“It’s very frustrating,” Herman said.

Two days after thieves stole nearly $30,000 worth of copper, there was still no light in his business.

Herman said he received a notification on his phone Wednesday morning that 5% of customers in the area had lost power.

“When I went in to watch our video, I saw that the Wi-Fi was down, that’s all. I knew then,” he said.

He said the same thing happened back in June, but this time his security cameras had a backup battery to capture the thieves in action.

Herman believes that the same guys are responsible for both thefts.

“There were two people who could be distinguished by their walk, their walk and the way they got out,” he said. “They knew exactly what to do and where to go.”

A spokesman for CenterPoint told KHOU 11 that their utilities and other companies across the country have seen an increase in theft of electrical wires as the cost of copper and other metals rises.

Not only are thieves at risk of electrocution, CenterPoint officials said, “They are also risking the well-being of everyone in the area by tampering with facilities that may serve hospitals, 911 telephone systems, traffic lights, railroad crossing signals, and other health and safety facilities. ”

CenterPoint said they plan to resume service as soon as Herman hires a licensed electrician to replace the wire and make repairs.

Herman estimates that repairs will cost him a total of $55,000.

Adam Bennett of KHOU 11 asked him if he had a message for those in charge.

“This time we have much more interest in people, we publish this and a video with you, and we follow you,” Herman replied.

The Houston Police Department is investigating the theft. Anyone with information should contact HPD at 713-884-3131.

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