ACS rescues illegally owned exotic pet from Southside home

The San Antonio Animal Care Service recently rescued and confiscated an illegally owned exotic animal from a Southside home.

A man called ACS after spotting a coati, a carnivorous mammal related to raccoons, in the front porch of his Southside home. Coatis’ natural habitat is in Central and South America, and the ACS reports that they are also rare in South Texas.

“He wasn’t sure what kind of creature was clinging to the porch post of his porch, looking back at him; all he knew was that he needed help. So, after a quick call to 3-1-1, the BBC officers knew that the frightened animal was likely a coati, a wild, non-native species banned in San Antonio,” ACS said in a social media post.

According to ACS, the coati retreated to the backyard, where she gave the police officers a round and a “good workout” before being safely captured. The officers found that the animal’s owner lived on the same street where she was captured and was kept as a pet in the backyard.

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