Affidavit: Man called 911 after fatal shooting in East Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Travis County sworn letter filed Thursday provides more information about a shooting in East Austin where a man was accused of killing his wife.

Travis County court records showed that Austin police officers answered the call Thursday at approximately 3:52 p.m. in the 2200 block of Colgate Lane. The 911 caller said that 77-year-old Willie Herbert Easley called her and knew he was in trouble.

Reports state that the caller was on the line with an emergency operator, while Easley was on a separate line.

“During a telephone conversation with a 911 operator, [the caller] gasped and stated, “Oh my gosh, I think he just said my mom died.”

When first responders arrived at the residence, Easley opened the door and pointed to the residence’s living room. The woman, later identified as Muriel Isley, 72, was found inside with an apparent life-threatening single gunshot wound to the back of her head. She was later declared dead, according to APD.

According to the records, while the rescuers were in the house, Willie said, “She is dead. I shot her.” When asked why, he said, “I don’t know.”

Records say the house was cleared of any additional victims, and the bedroom where Willie said the firearms were found.

APD homicide detectives examined the crime scene and said the firearm was a six-shot revolver loaded with five live rounds and one fired round.

During an interview with APD, the police said that Willy’s speech was slow, but he was able to answer questions.

“Willie was asked how Muriel suffered. Willie replied, “She was shot at.” When [police] asked who shot Muriel: “I think I shot,” the affidavit says.

According to police, Willy said he was not upset with his wife, and when asked if he accidentally shot his wife, he replied, “Probably so.”

On Friday, the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Muriel’s manner of death a homicide.

Willie was arrested and charged with murder on Thursday, and as of Sunday he remained in the Travis County Jail on $500,000 bail.

As of Saturday, the case remained pending arraignment, and dates for upcoming court hearings were not listed in Travis County’s records system.

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