Alamodome entered the top ten ugliest buildings in the country

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A recent study named the Alamod as one of the ugliest buildings in the country.

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When the people of San Antonio think of the Alamodome, we probably think of the history of the building, the football games that were played there, and the memory of Spurs games. However, a recent study rated our beloved Alamod for its looks and lack of beauty.

Building materials company Buildworld has compiled a list of buildings considered ‘ugly’ from around the world, the UK and the US. A ranking released on January 11 included Alamodome in the top ten on the US list.

Alamodome finished 9th. The J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC won first place.

How dare they. However, Buildworld compiled a list from a Twitter search of each building’s name. The researchers included buildings named after previous UK Carbuncle Cup winners and nominees, as well as Architectural Digest’s rankings of the world’s ugliest skyscrapers.

After searching Twitter, Buildworld stated that it used a set of keywords to retrieve all tweets reflecting the public’s opinion of its design. According to the study, the collected tweets were filtered to ensure that the people who tweeted were talking about the design of the building. Buildworld then used a sentiment analysis tool called HuggingFace to analyze the percentage of tweets that were negative about the design of each building.

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