Arkansas to have ‘first of its kind’ high school


The school, which puts students on a defined career path, is due to open its doors in August 2023. That’s what makes it different from a regular high school.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas. South City Church, located off Interstate 30 in Little Rock, is undergoing a facelift.

The church is being transformed into the Arkansas Military Academy and Rapid Response Academy, scheduled to open in August 2023.

The school has been called “the first of its kind” at Natural State as the focus is on getting students on a specific career path.

“We will have small classes, and each student will have an individual plan focused on their interests,” said school superintendent Jason Smedley. “Focuses on their learning and their ability to keep growing.”

The Arkansas Military Academy and Rapid Response Academy plans to include programs such as ROTC for juniors and a similar Rapid Response program with a focus on law enforcement, firefighter training, and emergency medical response.

The high school curriculum, which will cater for standard students in grades 9 to 12, will also include engineering, core programs, and programming.

The campus will cover 25 acres upon completion.

The school administration is currently working on acquiring new furniture and making sure the classrooms are ready to go with the latest technology.

“We want to make sure that every student can succeed in their own way,” Smedley said. “And they can continue their efforts after graduation.”

In the meantime, the church will continue Sunday services until the high school opens.

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