Arlington police said two students from Bowie High School were detained after weapons were found in backpacks.

Arlington police said two Bowie High School students were taken into custody Friday morning after handguns were found in their backpacks.

During an “administrative search” of each of the students’ backpacks, one weapon was found, Arlington ISD said in a written statement.

Arlington police said school officials notified the department around 8 a.m. after a gun and container of marijuana were found. The officers confiscated the items and detained the students who owned the backpacks.

A gun seized at Wylie High School fell out of an employee’s purse, police said.

According to the documents, 17-year-old Machai Kelly was jailed in Arlington Prison on charges of illegally carrying weapons in a prohibited area and possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone. His bail was not set Friday afternoon and it was not clear if he had a lawyer.

The other student’s name has not been released because he is a minor. According to police, he was detained on charges of illegal possession of weapons in a prohibited place.

Arlington ISD said it sent a message warning parents of the incident and “encouraging them to help the district by reassuring their children that there is no place for guns on any Arlington ISD campus.”

A written police statement said that “guns have no place in our schools and anyone who brings a gun on campus will face serious consequences.” They urged gun owners to properly secure their guns in their homes.

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