Arson suspect surrenders after spetsnaz standoff in spring

HOUSTON (KIAH) — An arson suspect jumped out of his burning home and turned himself in to police during a tense SWAT situation in the spring Thursday afternoon.

There was a strong police presence in the 3200 block of Lotus Blossom Street due to a call to prevent domestic violence. Harris County District 4 constable assistants said that while they were helping the ex-wife carry her belongings out of the house, they eventually found the suspect in one of the rooms and barricaded themselves inside the house.

The suspect, identified as Pablo Patino, 28, said he had a gun. Later, a fire broke out in the house, but it is not yet clear how the fire started.

Patino was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was also jailed in the Harris County Jail for aggravated assault and an open arson warrant.

He was wanted for allegedly setting fire to his ex-wife’s family home at the 11400 block of Mortimer Drive in northern Harris County early Tuesday morning. Investigators said they believe Patino started a fire near the house, and then, when his wife left the house, he hit her with his car and drove off. She received minor injuries.

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