As Donald Trump advances his candidacy for president in 2024, his support among Texas politicians is waning.

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Once a political force of nature with the Texas Republicans, former President Donald Trump’s influence appears to be waning in the state as he launches the 2024 presidential campaign and the state legislature begins.

About two months after his return bid, few prominent Texas Republicans have backed Trump, and some are showing a greater willingness to publicly contradict him. His recent blaming abortion restrictions on Republicans losing the midterms caused controversy across the Texas Republican Party spectrum, and state Republicans ignored his preference as they led races for Speaker of the US House of Representatives and Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

These developments represent a marked shift from the past few years in Texas, where Trump had a large circle of loyal political allies. State Republicans went out of their way to praise his presidency and enthusiastically lobbied for his support in their own campaigns. If anyone disagreed with him, they basically kept it to themselves for fear of retribution from primary voters or Trump himself.

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