At least 20 horse deaths in Louisiana have been linked to contaminated forage.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (AP) — At least 20 horses in Louisiana have died after ingesting bacteria found in some cubes of alfalfa hay from a Colorado grower, state agriculture officials said.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry began notifying livestock owners and others of potential problems with some packages of Rocky Mountain Alfalfa Horse Cubes in mid-December after horses in Louisiana and three other states began showing neurological symptoms consistent with for botulism. officials said.

The FDA said at least 98 horses in Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico were found to have symptoms, including muscle tremors, trouble swallowing or eating, difficulty standing or collapse. At least 45 of these animals died or were euthanized due to poor health after eating the cubes.

The department said it has confirmed with the US Food and Drug Administration and the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory that Clostridium botulinum type C is found in cubes of alfalfa, which causes botulism in horses, according to The Advertiser.

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